Labour Cuckolded

While the Labour Wets try to secure their sinecures by dumping the leader of the party the members and unions wanted I thought I’d lay out the colossal failure of the leaders of the MPs brand of Labour. I’ll leave out the wars and self congratulation at saddling the country and NHS in debt and the racism. No look who Labour patronised and subsidised:-

  • Pensioners – Tories
  • Scots – SNP & Tories
  • The City – Tories
  • Working poor – UKIP or don’t vote

How’s that working out for them?

You don’t build a society giving groups money. Indeed cracking skulls as Mrs Clinton and hubbie did with the ethnic poor has not cost her and is maybe the main reason she was able to hold off Sanders.

On a lighter note the good news here is to drop redistributive stuff it may go down well at conference but just feeds into rent and dependency mainly. Provide an actual functioning economy. No schemes no tax credits no bullshit no Asset Bubbles. No need to tax the rich precipitously just don’t give those welfare junkies any subsidy in the first place and stop offshoring. No need for schemes and complexity. No need for Subsidy. Repeat no need for Subsidy.

Solve problems don’t tackle symptoms and please no more pity parties they’re expensive as the groups listed above prove and they don’t follow back anyway.

Labour Cuckolded

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