Virtue-al Vote Losing

This shows the army of people who voted and generally do not vote in elections for me. The ones who maybe stopped voting Labour in 97 or 01 and were not there in 2005 – the Tories were so despised and the economy seemingly on track Labour actually had a majority off 35%.This minority are not interested in the kind of virtue signalling of Labour where expressions like ‘celebrating our diversity’ or any other I am a great person platitudes may even offend them.

This potential voter group probably don’t want to see large numbers of refugees or even small numbers especially from the Middle East. They don’t want great displays of sexual equality. They do not care much for Gay Pride marches. They really are not that interested in the Green movement. They are not interested in obscure women’s rights, including the women. They probably will not be won back with economics alone indeed Brownian subsidy and patronage appears to have backfired not so much buying votes as losing them as well as adding to a massive asset bubble, deficit and living standard pressure – wages up rents up with this debt economy devoid of Land taxes – Stamp Duty is a tax on property sales and arguably worse than no tax?

Sidebar questions: Is GDP separated from national welfare now? Or merely a function of debt and immigration?

Labour can dismiss these people as bigots and label them or it can see them as voters and arguably the ones who are not pensioners are potential voters. Labour does not have to turn bigot on this. Maybe more responding to fears and less of the celebrating our diversity stuff and an acceptance that 15*  voters in 20 are not in any minority. Ramming down people’s throats your joy at being in multi cultural London (it’s very good granted but again they don’t need my vote) as something they should love and insulting them if they do not is not going to win.

* 17 are white and I’ve allowed for gay people being 1 in 10.

Recognising a fear of Islamic terror is not a bad idea – if you want to take Syrian refugees say how you will screen them if nothing else – reassure as voters you are not taking this on trust. Whilst there are many other home grown dangers who hate Gay people, women and Globalisation generally etc they do not have the numbers, resources, ambition, community support or nihilism of Islamic Terror groups. They may not like you but you have to stop voters hating you by at least recognising there is something to their fear rather than high handed dismissal. Labour fans would say this is racist and we will not stoop so low.

Allow me to retort. It was you [Labour] who started collecting everyone’s internet traffic and metadata! Labour’s message you have nothing to fear but we have brought in a Stasi like information collecting system anyway? Honest, trust us we’re Labour we’re good people! We’re fighting wars in the countries these people are from to protect you from their brethren but you have nothing to fear from them coming here! Logical?

n.b. You can hardly claim to be more educated and incisive when anyone can see you’re fucking lying on issues. No use in knowing more if you lie they will not believe you?

I’d also add Conservative or Labour Govt is an adjunct to large corporations who pay no tax and the City where crime is not punished. Some might argue Corbyn is different but Tony Benn for instance was well on board with big is better in business.

Make no mistake fighting with Cons, Libs and Greens for the educated Remain vote would need a virtual landslide in that sphere to deliver even a minority Conservative Govt for Labour. In addition the <32% turnout in youf according to the ONS punctures Labour strategy of getting the youf out. Sky numbers on turnout below:-

18-24: 36% – 31.6% acc ONS

25-34: 58%

35-44: 72%

45-54: 75%

55-64: 81%

65+: 83%

Yes higher %tage of Boomers voted Remain than 18-24!

You can’t change voters and hence you will not get votes reaffirming your own virtue.

Virtue-al Vote Losing

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