BrExit Would Leave Political Chaos

I’ve tried to tread the BrExit line on the grounds of removing EU and settling for EEA but this clearly is not on offer or would have to be imposed on the fruit loops and bigots who are the Leave Campaign post a Leave vote. The Leave campaign is a small cabal of rightists and immigrant haters every bit as elite as the Bullingdon Club. They would claim foul and the dead Labour party vote could in large measure in the North go straight to UKIP as it may anyway. People outside the asset bubble or London income already feel put upon and they are willing to believe the worst. Indeed the EU issue splits on age 50 and up and C2DE social groups Leave majorities. I would love to ram it down the ignorant self serving politicians and ABs as they support a Housing Boom economy [Wealth Illusion] with a massive trade deficit and think that’s actually working.


The biggest schism is this – almost all the educated, opinion formers and leaders oppose it. Whilst I believe the neo classical economic analysis of Treasury, IMF and leading EU funded academics and think tanks was flawed it was not like the Heterodox and lone flyers were rushing to approve this BrExit campaign. Even the head of Adam Smith Institute Sam Bowman has come out for Remain. Paul Mason for reasons of Labour/Conservative Party obsession is against it too. Ann Petitfor even, who would have been a Labour MP but for her stance on leaving the EU is Remain. The point is that the Leave campaign has missed a real debate falling into dog whistling and opinion not facts. It has not even challenged as effectively as it can the neo classical economic analysis – Andrew Lilico excepted. Leave has failed to point out the flaws in the EU not least the CAP [Common Agricultural Policy] – no doubt to placate reactionary farmers. It has lost obvious leftist support for leaving including Corbyn’s.

The bullying of the poor at the Job Centre may escape the ABC2C1s but is disgusting and pointless number manipulation. An obsession by Labour with the 15% almost to the exclusion of the rest leaving the C1DEs to turn to who? ‘Kip? It is instructive the most anti immigration parts of the country have the least immigrants. The poor bullied by official thugs if they are unemployed or treated to 500% APR loans or skill less low paid work or constant paperwork of the self employment scam and rising rents. Ignored by Labour which brought in most of these ‘reforms’ anyway.

A dead Labour Party may have been a dream 6 years ago now its huge rotting carcass does little more than head off actual opposition and drive people down the wrong track. The reactionary forces a BrExit will release as loony xenophobic ambitions would inevitably be thwarted with an EEA compromise or 2nd referendum would not be pleasant to behold with no live opposition party. Even the WTO option of using agreed tariffs would most likely need open borders – seriously think you can enter USA on Visa Waiver because we make it difficult for Septics to come here?

Even with a Remain vote one can only hope the Conservatives will address the issues of the poor and working class who support Leave but I have doubts. A reckoning might be coming but BrExit would make it more likely and sooner.

BrExit Would Leave Political Chaos

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