Flat v Jumps

Contains after-timing if you’ve not read my timeline on Ervedya & Vautour and my Direct Messages on Fascinating Rock v Found. I use DM’s with pals as the level of debate often amounts that will won’t win on Twitter so discussing form is moot.

The weekend showed one reason I increasingly prefer the Flat to Jumps. I have it that the 3yo fillies last got over rated in the end because Found improved over much further. Her win in US was worthless in terms of Euro turf form & 9th in Arc and inability to lay up in Champion showed a lack of tactical speed for me. Now I could be wrong and it was a one off and Found will prove me wrong or Ervedya but that is the fun of the game.

Now over jumps even Vautour who looked totally unsuited to 2 miles, slow jumper who jumped right, on form etc nearly won a grade 1 right handed over 2 miles. He won a phony title at Cheltenham over his 2nd best trip. Only Vautour’s best trip of 3 miles is so competitive that a horse well below form stands a chance to lose. Jumps fans care for the ridiculous 10++ championship races, applauding Novice winners like they’ve actually won something & going on and on about them for years after even once they’re busted flushes. Wide margin winners are the norm not the exception.

Yes the flat has 2 year old racing which I ignore and 3 year old only which I also ignore but from June onwards it’s mostly about finding the best horse. Jumps appears to be to cheer as many easy winners as possible. Sure at present just backing Cheltenham favs yields a profit as the bookies screw racing to get accounts but if that’s your bag not sure what skill or personal enjoyment there is in that.

Flat v Jumps

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