By The Way You’re Losing The Election

Orlando shows many on the left unable to comprehend that someone brought up to hate gay people by hate preachers and his father was primarily influenced by his religion, Islam. That he may have been crazy and gay himself merely what turned him from a confused hater into a murder and terrorist. It’s beyond ridiculous to write stuff about homophobia when over half UK Muslims believe it should be illegal. You’re leaving the argument to the right with ‘virtue signalling’.

These self congratulatory displays is what is alienating many in the working class including the minorities as it happens. It’s patronising to minorities too and just as likely to be the victims of Islamic Terrorism to pretend there is no issue. How can you pretend the fundamentals of Islam as written and practiced are not sexist, misogynistic and violent? What do you say to Secular Muslims when you offer no support?

Labour were tossed out of Scotland after decades of corruption and pandering exposed as frauds – there’s no votes long term in being patronising to everyone. To prattle like moral beacons they clearly are not as workers struggle with Rent and Debt.

Racism has become such a virtue signal of their own goodness the Left have missed the vast majority now are to most intents and purposes beyond it. You need to win elections if you’re Labour to do any good. Forsake the virtue sirens.

By The Way You’re Losing The Election

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