Controlling Immigration! Er?

It’s easy to make a case the London area is over crowded and the infrastructure creaking. That house prices are largely a function of migrant demand*. That the UK out of the EU could somehow reduce this. My question can we reduce immigration and at what cost? No one answers that not even Farage or Grayling. No one dares propose how we can contain immigration. Sure Controlling our Borders euphemism but scratch Nigel Farage deeper and it’s not what he is promising. Indeed his points/skills based plan is basically more bureaucracy and longer airport queues to little no effect but some cost.

* they’re not as how could thousands of low wage immigrants have as dramatic an effect? Cheap money and subsidy and infrastructure anyone.

Even under the current system I read how a world leading expert in web animation was detained for 24 hours and deported because the talk at Oxford she was to give was paid for by a German company! Thus to stop 1 American who was not going to stay more than a night or two cost a fortune. Had she demanded counsel and a hotel well the cost would have been ludicrous. Our reputation as a country to do business in and with will suffer many more of these horror stories never mind if we tried to cut numbers significantly.

Theresa May Home Secretary recently was found to have acted illegally even under the laws she writes when randomly deporting foreign students who pay so much to be here. She rants on Cnut like at the tide of Immigration she has no power over bar to soil our country’s reputation and achieve less than zero.

People might not like immigration but to stop students and visitors is expensive economically, bureaucratically and reputationly. Never mind if we were to add 300K EU entrants to these processes each year. These people as workers could be sponsored by companies and will appeal and have lawyers. There is no low hanging fruit here and even those that are deported are a cost to deal with. BTW Calais shows we do actually have controlled borders.

When the UK’s subsidised arms industry’s top pimp David Cameron went to India in last Govt they asked why they should want our weapons if we did not want their people? He had no answer. You can’t trade with the world and stop immigration or even curtail it much. The funniest was a Leaver who said why was a white Pole better than a brown Pakistani – unaware of the stats on Labour participation etc of these particular groups?

There is a problem and it’s the Economic model. The Finance favouring subsidised debt bubble low wage globalised economy which is bringing none of the domestic benefits the pimps like Blair promised. This is what drives this immigration. That we now talk of secular stagnation, wage stagnation and lousy productivity hardly backs it up either – declining world trade to boot at present. The economy is not changing this side of a collapse but more in next blog on that and after that the real issue with immigrants (not immigrants fault in any way BTW).

Globalisation and subsidy exacerbates the death of the local economies as local producers can be under cut leaving a wasteland – as said on Port Talbot economists spouting Comparative Advantage bullshit does not make any sense to anyone involved. As working age people leave and infrastructure declines – you can even see this as UK becomes more London centric. However established families in northern England don’t move south due to the cost of land so workers have to come from somewhere and younger small family units/individuals from abroad find it easier. Additionally UK insists everyone works but offers the Steel worker from South Wales no retraining – be pretty cool to have a Welsh miner or Steel worker as a Barista?

I have no issue with Immigration per se but many people do and the Govts since ’08 have claimed they do. They refuse to defend what they are doing and won’t admit it’s by design. As usual it’s a failure of leadership to explain or admit the truth. The EU is at worst an aggravating factor.

The point here it is the hypocrisy of our leaders lying pretending they can change it when it is their policy whether they are Farage or Brown or May or Cameron or Gove.

Controlling Immigration! Er?

2 thoughts on “Controlling Immigration! Er?

  1. Leave.

    However I would like the EEA option initially – Schnauble today not helpful on that but we have leverage before we give notice. The Leave campaigns as I am suggesting pump out nothing but lies and the Remains have not even had to defend the EU. The problems/issues of the EU (corruptly buying large corporations debt now via ECB!) not even in focus. Economists handed a ludicrous laissez faire blueprint any idiot would be able to fear-monger on by these idiotological clowns.

    Who wants the leading Leave lads negotiating anything after and I suspect they want to lose in reality like the Labour Left.


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