Corbyn No Platforms Himself?

Apparently the leader of the UK Labour Party will not appear on a platform with David Cameron. Just more random make yourself look fucking stupid principles from the party of one eyed conceit? It’s dumb politics if nothing else?

He will serve in a shadow cabinet with people who and a party which supported: Allowed 1000s to die in unclean hospitals: Supported stupid wars: Bailed out the Banks: Defrauded the public finance with PFI: Killed 100s with Hospital Reforms: etc. But not share a platform with a recently elected Prime Minister?

Labour Left’s and Corbyn’s random morality is a sickening sign of their self absorption. They will not win an election because the Govt is corrupt, incompetent or hated. They will only win by appearing more competent especially on the economy. I doubt anyone not even Corbyn could agree that is the case at present.

All Corbyn has achieved so far is stop the Greens growing.

Corbyn No Platforms Himself?

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