Intent What Is It?

US Author Sam Harris argues that Bush and co just wanted to open Starbucks on every corner in Iraq and that their intent was benign or good whether the results were monstrous or not. That the intent of many who believe the Koran is to install a fascist Caliphate and Sharia. Thus Western leaders are superior to the perverted sex obsessed Islamic murderers of the Middle East, Paris and Brussels and their child raping warlord oracle. I will say now that our past failures should not obfuscate the need to rid the world of Political Islam and the more aggressive interpretations of the warlord’s handbook. The people involved may consciously even think that was their motive yet they continue to profit from it and they continue to make the similar mistakes to achieve nothing, President after President.

Currently NATO is supporting Shia Militias to clean out Fallujah essentially forcing many Sunnis to comprehend or accept fighting alongside ISIS or die. Indeed Kurdish fighters are not exempt either from spreading fear among Turks, Turkmen, Sunnis etc either. Equally the Assad Regime has been given a pass it seems in the efforts to kill off its opponents whoever they are – if I never hear the expression ‘Rats in the Vagina’ again it will be a blessing.

The use of death squads by the US has a long and unpleasant history as el Salvador and the Nicaraguan Contras of my youth attest or those pleasant Columbian ones who seemed to like to kill Trade Union Reps for US soft drink manufacturers. Not to excuse the UK which supported all of this and whose actions in Helmand Province are indefensible and all but excluded from the media here.

A neutral might see our response as 130 deaths in Paris was a crime the 10s 1000s of Islamic deaths and torture in Iraq a statistic as Stalin is said to have likened mass murder. Neutral opinion would point out the differential in numbers murdered or that we allow the worst strain of Islam to be pumped world wide by the Sauds, Qatar and UAE.

To suggest our leaders are merely concerned with creating a Kleptocracy across the world of mega corporations is not as strong an argument when the consequences in terms of deaths was obvious – was that goal entirely desirable even if not one died! Being a conformist who does what arms sellers want and who backs death squads is surely not absolutely more honourable than believing a death cult and in many ways far more cynical whatever thoughts go through the conscious mind when decision making?

If our intentions were so good we’d acknowledge our errors not repeat them?

Intent What Is It?

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