Racism Not Anti Semitism Is Labour’s Problem

Labour fans obsess with grouping and cataloging every small ethnicity in a country that is predominantly White European. Its ramifications the almost bizarre paradox where you say people are different and that should be celebrated and that some need tolerating and then say we are all equal. A group viewed as less in need of Labour patronage such is the Jewish community. The past horrors begat upon them rationalised and perspectivised whilst other ‘communities’ are excused current violent minorities, racism and misogyny.

Cameron, Obama & Merkel among others and even Labour itself latterly came to believe multiculturalism was a failure. However People concerned at mass migration are not even treated to an explanation from Labour or Conservative and the fans of Labour just resort to labels. Labour should be aware that unlike the EU referendum the dogwhistlers only need 38% and with the anti Corbyn vote outside the urbs and ‘burbs and paid off farmers and pensioners not a great idea, so…

Explain it! You have nothing to lose Labour. Or you could lose and label the ordinary folk bigots of course.

Racism Not Anti Semitism Is Labour’s Problem

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