Islamic Terrorism Left To Fortune

We in the West do have an enemy that would commit any crime and I mean any crime and already do many of them. That rather than isolated incidents and accidents the atrocities in Paris and Brussels reflect not the limit of their ambition but all that can be done at present. There are a lot of issues and frankly it’s the quick way to be accused of being a racist and bigot by people on the left and I am not paid for that.

The issue from a British Left or Labour point of view is this. Who stands to benefit at the next atrocity? If London experiences 130 deaths? Look what riots which arguably killed no one achieved. Yet you had demented Middle Class Labour fans demanding extraordinary justice. Who benefits if there is an atrocity? Corbyn Labour with its ties to Hamas? Conservative Party with its ludicrous lies on immigration? Liberals who’d take Schengen?

Corbyn’s high profile visit to Calais and even Sadiq Khan’s multicultural initiation may may them feel like better people now but how does this look to traditional Labour supporters in the North? Tactically preaching inclusion to an 85% white country has already distanced the left from many workers and poor – whether those people are wrong or not is not the issue, how they vote is. Demanding acceptance of refugees from a culture that contains our enemies needs more than expressions of goodness as it is never mind following an atrocity.

The Left have left the field to the right and the loony right at that. This is regardless of Corbyn but his perceived past support for terrorist loonies who have some leftist arguments leaves him uniquely vulnerable. The whole of mainstream have failed to provide a narrative on immigration and on vetting refugees and fallen into horsetrading numbers and sending middle eastern children to Scotland and passing legislation on terrorism.

Mainstream UK politics does appear to be cross fingers and hope.

Islamic Terrorism Left To Fortune

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