Leave Run By Idiots: Case Simple

If you want change the best way to achieve it is to do it incrementally and as nonthreatening as possible. Hence the Leave campaigns have a higher burden of proof than Remain and they have failed. Sure the Remain campaign is largely an ad hom one with zero reasons to remain bar the obfuscation of faux consequence on GDP of leave assuming we cut trade after Leave – from people [HM Treasury] who if you do believe most economists have cost the UK far more in the last 6 years in terms of GDP. The Logic of which to me is there is no reason to Remain unless there are dire consequences and yes 6% of GDP would be dire enough if it came to pass or was even likely to.

The fantasies of Remain reflect a national lack of self esteem and assume no one would have anything better to do afterwards that cut off their nose to spite their face with the UK. Sadly this narrative is supported in a back handed way by the bizarre claims of the Leave campaign that we’d become some Adam Smith Institute fantasy and the EU is the root of all evil and and and Muslims.

Most likely outcome is a better deal and a 2nd referendum but that is just my view. However when treaties have been rejected in the past guess what happened…. Anyway here is what I consider reasons to Leave:

  • Symbolically and rationally leaving the EU is democratic. Practically at worst it removes an unnecessary and unrepresentative layer of Govt.
  • It frees up the UK to choose without being so attached to the downbound train of European integration. At first I would imagine when we served our 2 year notice almost nothing practically would change bar the UK contribution. The idea a UKIP MP and a few fringe Tories can impact the deal is ridiculous. We don’t have to give our notice in straight away either – indeed to do so would be asinine. We can Leave when good and ready.
  • The effects would likely be benign. The assumption we would cease to trade freely or need Visas in Europe is ridiculous.

That’s it. Cheap, easy and with no dogwhistles, fear or loathing.

Leave Run By Idiots: Case Simple

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