BrExit: EU Know It’s Not Going Well

Despite the continual idiocy of David Cameron the BrExit campaign is done. The loony ravings that somehow UK Border Patrols already in place would allow 12 Million Turks here is having less effect. Indeed it is a sign that TV news when it tries can overcome the lunatic ravings of newspapers. Before you claim that Newspapers have no effect consider this.

One other problem is whilst 37% who voted voted Tory and 14% ‘kippy whippies the Tory vote contained probably many who are not BrExiters like the rural folk who get 54% of their income in subsidy. The Tory right should be aware that winning elections by paying frightened little people who lead a subsidised life hardly going to get them to vote the other way. There may also even be a section of the ‘Kip vote which makes the sensible view they want anyone but Labour and are not ideological BrExiters.

The other factor is that the campaign is led by the most extreme free marketeers and they offer the most extreme version of leave. Now a campaign to merely stop paying so much and to step back from the anti democratic bureaucracy may not be exciting but it’s harder to make an economic argument against. Without a blueprint BrExit is a blank piece of paper to be handed to fringe idiots from the perspective of most people.

Saddest of all is Farage of course. The campaign you prepare your life for and you run a ridiculous dogwhistle campaign of racist ranting. You have no single platform just a series of random visions of the future. You’re so toxic few will share a platform with you outside a TV studio.

Most effective commentator on the reasons to leave the EU was Paul Mason and he was against at this time. I’ll vote leave but to aftertime have bet quite a lot we Remain and will enjoy the eclipse of loons like Johnson and Grayling. Sadly Farage will be here to stay.

BrExit: EU Know It’s Not Going Well

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