Masonic Logic

Paul Mason went on BBC Question Time made clear there are no moral or reasonable arguments for staying in the EU. Then said we should remain as UK had a right wing Govt. This is the fear and weakness of the Left writ large.

In many ways for all their high handed snobbery the Remain argument is this yes the EU is a downbound train and a technocracy that does not work for the people but it’s marginally better to support that than not for the Uk, realpolitik you might say if you were such a cunt.

The difference is however hard we can vote out those clowns. The chilling economic idiocy being imposed on Greece shows the EU generally speaking via EMU has worse ideas than even George Osborne on how to run an economy.  Our Govt like the EU gladly allows car makers to kill people with NOx emissions in their 1000s both are indefensible only one can be voted against.

My point to Mason is that in terms of the EU the Uk is not an outlier but right, front and centre in line with what he wants to avoid by staying.

Masonic Logic

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