Reading Majid Nawaz on Sadiq Khan who had been his lawyer and the good news is he just another New Labour drone who will say anything. Cosying up to nutters to smear an opponent in 2010 and then having a multiculturalist’s wet dream of an inauguration in a church 2016 surrounded by  various community representatives. It is instructive that it was his closeness to the later disowned Muslim Council of Britain which Labour and its arguably racist Multiculturalism policy embraced that sprung his career. Indeed his gut churning emptiness and New Labour 1997 redux is particularly troubling after voting for him – on the basis of fuck you Zac Goldsmith.

The point being the febrile over statement of Khan’s honesty and probity on one side and the delusional ranting that he would be a danger on the other missed the truth. I can’t help feel this is deliberate and de rigueur.


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