Left Exposed

It’s not easy dealing with leftists. They think they’re right. That those who differ are morally bankrupt. That all right wingers are Tories, who are mostly venal scum, not people who believe in anything as best for society. They have been able to maintain this moral conceit by not engaging. Even now they think they’ve won every argument with some well rehearsed pith whilst every neutral runs for the exit.

Sadly for these ‘socialists’ Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership election and their 3 decades of talking to themselves and not even challenging neo-Liberalism chickens came home to roost. They had to lead. They backed austerity and the EU and basically no policies too far from what Ed Miliband proposed. Yet even in this their dislike of Israel and obsession with Utopian positions of nuclear disarmament and lack of ability to formulate an argument against the Govt has them in 2nd place mid term.

Worse their conceit at how evil everyone else is means there has been no sifting of sand. Abbot, Livingstone and other fossils who’ve not had anything decent to say in decades if ever hang around like a red wine stain.

Left Exposed

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