One Rule For Us One for Them

For those who do not know Hillary Clinton effectively leaked state secrets by setting up her own email server for state department business – allegedly so she could use her Blackberry at secure sites – oh the inconvenience of a PC with its security etc.

Obama yesterday accepting that what Clinton did was criminal and then saying she meant no harm As someone whose administration persecutes Whistleblowers above and beyond regardless of motive it does show how stupid/irrational/elitist he is? Neo Libs fixate on legal illegal like it’s a line not a spectrum. Given that Mrs Clinton should be “in jail” [OK charged but it sounds less bombastic] by any rational consistency from the Administration.

Indeed surely even Obama knows it’s a lie to say she did not do it deliberately – I was drunk driving at 120 MPH but did not mean to kill anyone. She acted deliberately in her own interests and her own interests alone to get round state security. Sentence?  30 years? 20 for good behaviour and maybe out in 15 cos she’s old. Clear violation of the draconian Espionage act O’ and Holder were so fond of.

These clowns with their OxBridge Ivy League Edus really do think they’re better than us. The fact she will end up the logical vote for many I think shows how bent the political system is. How acceptance of low standards is a bit like Russians finding out Putin has a few Bill’ stashed in the British Virgin Isles.

One Rule For Us One for Them

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