Multiculturalism Is Not Multi Cultural

There was a report in Haaretz which was tortuous but nailed it. Multiculturalism assumes all communities share the same values and if they actually did would not be needed anyway. Multiculturalism falls down because it is not true and people become ghettoised with an identity handed to them whether they want it or not.

People advocating to take 10s 1000s of refugees should bring more than their own piety to the debate if they want to convince the public that taking on people of traditionally poorer backgrounds [in UK] who may fail to integrate will work. Not assume the people asking are racist as frankly it does not matter if they are. Leaving the political field to the Right is surely a bigger miss than dismissing people.

It comes across as those who fire labels back don’t have an answer.

Multiculturalism Is Not Multi Cultural

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