Left Purity More Important Than Election

I had a flashback to the 80s. I was a leftie. A Bennite. Yes sorry. Anyway you could not find a single cunt who admitted voting Tory. The Govt was beset by incompetence and treated people like garbage. Real wages began their 35 year fall and Mrs Thatcher was less popular than anyone (and more popular by some measures). Yet that 35->40% of the vote was always Tory. Indeed even in 92 Major secured the biggest vote ever in terms of numbers.

Why because people fear change? They’re not just going to vote for someone by default. It is not enough to point out how bad the Govt are. No good to say and prove they are corrupt and incompetent. It is not enough to point to the poor and dispossessed being attacked for no reason. It is not enough to be pictured in obviously ethnic settings – probably counter productive in groups Labour needs to appeal to to boot.

People vote out  of fear and self interest. Labour currently makes no more appeal on offering even a better alternative than it did under Foot or Miliband or Brown or Kinnock. It’s not necessarily a left issue except in so far as the left are so smug and secure in their conceit of goodness they do not see that no one else agrees with them nor is convinced. Nor of course do they feel the need to convince anyone as buffing their own conceit is more important than affecting the lives of those they claim to represent.

In many ways the biggest weakness of the governing left party in the UK [Labour] is that it stands for conservatism. It seeks to use the context the Conservatives create and use a few transfer payments to stay in power. It challenges nothing as Brown’s attempt to spend money and feed the Financial Parasite at the same time shows. You need an alternative not a list of unfairness. A plan to change context not a recipe for Brownian self congratulation and faux horror when your largesse unwinds.

The 80s are repeating as Tragedy and Farce.

Left Purity More Important Than Election

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