Idiotic Labour Left

Andy Burnham, who knows why and what we will find out they ‘ad on ‘im or maybe Occam’s Razor he is just a complete moron, rushed to endorse the Snooper’s Charter and raise the cost of us using the internet to gather data on us! (VPN anyone?). This and the genuine compassion for migrants and refugees may seem incongruous. What principle does it imply? What does it say to those who live and vote here?

John McDonnell also accepted Austerity even though none of his 6 economic advisers would see that as anything but stupidity. Corbyn is set on unilateralism not making the obvious case against Trident but arguing for something that is frankly Cnut like. Again what is the principle here?

The point is that policies aimed at people who do not even live in the UK or absolutist positions suits the Labour left but it will compromise on our freedom and security on the basis of dogma and ease but not that of other nation’s people! Regardless of anything else this is hardly electable.

Idiotic Labour Left

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