The New Conservatives

Essentially the position of the left neo Liberals (everyone from left of Liz Kendall to 1 step  right from Corbyn) is conservative. Their whole philosophy padded with some humanitarian nonsense is that we want the world as it is just a bit different. In essence long term a Zombie Capitalism with individuals subservient to corporations, Land Owners and State [funded] entities – Osborne but lighter.

The changes they propose take the cronyism/kleptocracy/plutocracy/Oligarchy/WhateverYouCallIt world as a given and seek no more/little change with extra transfer payments. It’s why most stinging attacks on George Osborne and the Conservative Govt come from the right.

The paradox is those who the state now protects vote for this change and those against want no change. Aided by electoral systems where only 25% of people have to vote for no change for themselves.  So here Pensioners, Farmers, Oil Producers, Corporate bureaucrats, State Funded companies, Arms manufacturers et al ensure the continuation of their no change lives at the expense of the wider economy and any sense of justice.

The New Conservatives

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