Left Is More Dangerous

It is hard to get across to folks but there is a reason the bar is higher for left leaning Govts in the West. It is not the media whose siren calls and clarion hatred tend to make them vulnerable to coherent argument. The reason is the world is easily upset. Thus whilst the UK economy has been butchered in many ways by 18 years of corrupt cretinism from Brown, Darling and Osborne it has not suffered worse than most. Economies are not that fragile – one reason I am less left than I once thought I was is that you can fuck up royally and Capitalism goes on regardless. This may hit a tipping point now Osborne is no longer subject to the steadier of Vince Cable of course.

The UK as a net importer who borrows off the world [in a sense] does not need a Govt who so unsettles things that the £ plummets say. We do not have a 190 military bases to get the world to pay for our consumption that say a Bernie Sanders could deploy – we could argue if he ever gets shit through a corrupt Congress and Senate but I am not a Septic and do not care.

As Greece found not being able to depreciate a currency is worse but the UK is not doing badly on growth and it is therefore not analogous. We’re in a better position when Mr Shit hits Mr Fan. We just don’t want to get there.

It is thus all very well being left but left for its own sake pointless. A potential leftist Govt needs to be honest and move very slowly this side of another serious recession at least.

Left Is More Dangerous

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