Labour Where For Art Thou Labour

Labour’s real problem is the MPs and their cadre stand for absolutely nothing and have only platitudes and Overton acceptable sound bytes. Countering this is an old left brought up in the land when we [working class] were all brothers together in unions. They really have nothing in the old Social Democrat camp. With Farron a wet blanket of Overton statements, the nonsensical and the bland. The centre (or centre left as those with no memory might call it) has no champions.

Whilst not being au fait enough to defend against counter rhetoric a sorta Bernie Sanders even, pragmatic enough and not a Wall Street/City puppet, seems not to exist.

The other side is does anyone really believe Kendall & co would be in a better place? Another vacuous mumbler about the market with their support for the PFI fraud and rendition and torture still in even modern memory?

In many ways Corbyn’s apparent short livedness offers a greater opportunity to enter 2020 with a better leader but not a broken New Labour minister with more baggage to Labour supporters than Jennifer Lopez.

At present I still won’t vote Labour they offer 2 choices that barely escape rancidity.

Labour Where For Art Thou Labour

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