You Say Daesh I Say Dosh

The recent debate over supporting US policy of seemingly encouraging IS/Daesh to create a constant need to surveil our own populations certainly complicates. Fact is getting everyone’s internet browsing seems even if it is ever shown to be effective to be more a policy of domestic control than a series attempt to stop Terrorism. A woefully expensive and ineffective use of money.

In the UK for instance NHS ‘reform’ and costs of Govt backed fraud [PFI] have killed 10s of 1000s. Thus spending Billions to prevent even a Paris attack every few years seems ridiculous especially when getting genuine intelligence and legalised specific surveillance is arguably cheaper and far more effective.

That even if the US decided to get rid of Daesh tomorrow as most reckon it could would that even change the terror threat here? These attacks generally speaking will involve locals and be planned locally. The idea some IS guys walk off an airplane get guns and explosives, and kill loads walking streets they do not know is a low risk if you think about it.

You Say Daesh I Say Dosh

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