Successful Left Parties Offer Faustian Pact

As Labour in the UK showed the definition of a left party is “the most left wing right wing party that has been about for a 100 years”. They mostly offer in UK or France or arguably the USA (more complex) the same WEF/Bilderburg diktats as the often called Conservative party does but throw the dog [the poor] a bone occasionally at least until they have to use the wealth for wars or to bale out their pals.

It’s why I oppose them. They’re a conceit. Look at Labour high handedly lauding it over the Liberals in Coalition tempering Govt policy and then voting with the Govt for the undiluted shit when the real enemy another 2nd party not in play. This Corbyn wrinkle won’t last and has even greater downside with no upside as Venezuela and Tspiras show – the whiff of ¬†incompetence the kicker.

The Left of these ‘left’ parties have nothing to offer as presently organised. They offer self righteous hypocrisy and short termism. They offer no original thinking just ritual, log held beliefs and claptrap. The Right of these parties as Hilary Benn’s disingenuous call for bombing shows are possibly worse people but less incompetent.

Successful Left Parties Offer Faustian Pact

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