Pennywise Pound Foolish Neo Libs Neo Cons

Sadly incompetence in many ways is not a vote killer. You have to do it the right way and on issues that actually do not matter and will yield no negative headlines – by having a compliant media who get paid by the same people as yourself.

Since 9-11 Terrorists in the USA have killed a ~100 people. ~200,000 have been murdered. Yet lots of money is spent on the former. Oil security is hardly an issue at $40 a barrel and Iran back in the game. Indeed this ‘whatever it takes except actually doing anything but bombing’ attack on Daesh approaches absurdity when one sees our allies funding and supporting them and we have to listen to spokespeople for JP Morgan [Mr Obama] and HSBC  [Mr Cameron] make speeches about defending our way of life….. Whilst systematically dismantling it in favour of a police state! Ditto this week will see loads of Tories in Wellies never mind the flood defences they have stripped resources from.

Sadly alpha male shots of determined men work better than competent prevention and Govt. Take Climate Change and warming where US Republicans and UK Conservatives primarily but not exclusively would rather take money now for themselves and hope that Science is wrong even as the chances of that diminish.

The real frightening question is do the majority of people actually think Govt is benign and interested in protecting them? Or are we too lazy as a populace to change? Too defeated? Uncaring as it won’t affect us much?

We’re the pennywise poundfoolish ones in reality.

Pennywise Pound Foolish Neo Libs Neo Cons

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