Which Lives Matter

The recent #BlackLivesMatter I thought missed the point that the issue was Police brutality but that was just me. The counter movement was a load of bigots [laughably] saying #AllLivesMatter! I read someone last night pointing out the Left’s niggardly response to the ubiquitous tricolors and saying that we should not tell people which lives to grieve.

It’s easy enough to do, WikiLeaks went further with a France you armed everyone reap it motherfuckers – paraphrasing. It is simply not good to just batter people that 90 people a day die of Terrorism according to the Septics and ask what about the rest of ’em. That is the #AllLIvesMatter position. Better surely to get some recognition later that it’s horrible & frightening to live in a City subject to a random attack than ram the fact more people die on the roads in a week. That it’s a drop in the ocean next to the terror of Labour’s Foundation Hospital slaughter. Rationalisation does not make you better or wise.

It’s not a shame that people choose to identify and grieve for people the media feeds them. It is a shame when you seek to impose your perspective on them and in some ways deaden the impact of this outrage. That such murder is common should not be used to anaesthetise how shocking and horrible it is. If you have a wider perspective good for you keep it to yourself….

Which Lives Matter

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