Liberal Dems Imagine

In 2010 widespread disgust led Liberals to 22% and now down to a rump bumping along above the Greens. The craven Ed Miliband effectively failed to back AV albeit by last election it would have made little difference – Con Kip coalition yowser.

Imagine Liberals had stayed out of Govt now had even 15% of the vote and were peddling a Land Value Tax, Electoral Reform and Clegg had been run over by a bus. Instead the oxygen of opposition will be sucked even harder by a Labour party led by someone who gives lots of media whether he wants to or not. The worst part of Corbyn released from his Islington sinecure is that he’s going to peddle Overton Window policies that don’t work but as the reaction of the neo liberal wing of Labour shows who cannot support their leader, never mind media and public, it won’t matter.

The real issue for Labour is they are despised and not just by the Left rent a mobs. Also by the northern working class forced to tick a box that says Labour “Not Quite Tory” and not surprisingly they turn to xenophobic UKIP who at least do not blame them for their circumstances.

Sadly Lab Con are back over 70% and there is no oxygen for anyone else.

Liberal Dems Imagine

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