Scared Conservatives

Recent elections be they Turkey or Scotland’s freedom or UK or Greece OXI have split countries Old v Young. Quiet v Noisy. Scared v Brave. The frightened who watch TV and read national media and believe it have spoken.

The great thing with not standing for election is I can say that. I just leave these conservative old folks a question as usual you may leave an inheritance to your kids but you’ll leave them a shit world to live in, why?

In pandering to these urges to protect their pathetic wealth and fear of change these rabbits accept ridiculous wars where we seem to have no end game middle game and start game or any gameplan. They really believe stuff with no evidence that the rise of IS in Syria Iraq means we will have terrorism.

The point for opposition politicians is you have to speak to these people without judgment. Not get carried away with your own gallery playing.

Scared Conservatives

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