Labour’s Tedious Void Edges Out Opposition

The full extent of the usefulness of Labour as a 2 XI for the establishment has been illustrated again. Much like the 80s where even with the SDP leaving Labour manage to crowd out the media for anyone else bar Govt whilst a silent 40% voted Conservative. Labour again thrash around caught in their own moral conceit. Something made worse by a supposed leftist leader even as his policies end up in the Overton Window – this also creates a problem as no one believes Corbyn/McDonnell really believes a word of it.

Thus the BBC can continue to fill studios with Labour and Tory and pretend there is a real debate. The Greens or Liberals or anyone with a more complex message than the specious simplicity of UKIP or Labour crowded out. Their conferences may as well not have happened as the tedious and grueling public backing down of Corbyn and McDonnell occured. You now have a Labour opposition composed of 80% MPs who happily supported what they now oppose. It’s a mess.

Their moralising idiocy about the poor over tax credits reminiscent of the 80s it merely reinforces their parasitic nature grabbing at middle class guilt for those who look about them without providing an ounce of leadership. The Conservatives were always winning in 2020 short of an economic Minsky event which could happen now they should survive a downturn quite easily.

Worst part is Labour still has no idea why it is hated and why its moralising is seen as ridiculous by most of us. It’s led by leaders fresh from mining a 30 year sinecure whilst thumbing their noses at their fellow party members now asked to work with them and make messy compromises.

Only an optimist would say Labour has substantially changed.

Labour’s Tedious Void Edges Out Opposition

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