Corbyn Lost In His Void plan of operations extends with any certainty beyond the first contact with the main hostile force.

Helmuth von Moltke the Elder

Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth.

Mike Tyson

Undefeated MMA fighter Ronda Rousey finally faced a boxer and her plan to grab and potentially break her opponent’s arm did not survive the first punch.

Now consider Corbyn’s leadership as I have said he’s not exactly stretching the Overton Window as much as disappearing into a void of his own clumsy rhetoric. Essentially he has been talking to his fellow non-idealogical left for so long the clumsiness of language and failure to engage is painful. It’s not right or left it’s just years of talking to yourself is no preparation for leadership. This is probably confounded by a lack of understanding of the need to run your messages by people who can offer the first engagement.

Corbyn Lost In His Void

Daesh & Terrorists Separate Issue

The attempt to link what up to now has been a seeming policy of containment of the Daesh to a something must be done and the French drop loads of ordnance on someone to domestic terror policy in Europe is not a case that is made. Does anyone suppose hardened French jidhadis really give a stuff if Daesh rise or fall? 10 years ago they would have flitted under the al Queada label.

Now al Queada is a western ally in Syria and Yemen. The end of Daesh and even the Syrian civil war will not stop local born idiots. If the two are linked via funding etc fine but our real enemies are Qatar and Saudi who no doubt Cam & O’ gave a stern talking to at the G20…..

Daesh & Terrorists Separate Issue

Which Lives Matter

The recent #BlackLivesMatter I thought missed the point that the issue was Police brutality but that was just me. The counter movement was a load of bigots [laughably] saying #AllLivesMatter! I read someone last night pointing out the Left’s niggardly response to the ubiquitous tricolors and saying that we should not tell people which lives to grieve.

It’s easy enough to do, WikiLeaks went further with a France you armed everyone reap it motherfuckers – paraphrasing. It is simply not good to just batter people that 90 people a day die of Terrorism according to the Septics and ask what about the rest of ’em. That is the #AllLIvesMatter position. Better surely to get some recognition later that it’s horrible & frightening to live in a City subject to a random attack than ram the fact more people die on the roads in a week. That it’s a drop in the ocean next to the terror of Labour’s Foundation Hospital slaughter. Rationalisation does not make you better or wise.

It’s not a shame that people choose to identify and grieve for people the media feeds them. It is a shame when you seek to impose your perspective on them and in some ways deaden the impact of this outrage. That such murder is common should not be used to anaesthetise how shocking and horrible it is. If you have a wider perspective good for you keep it to yourself….

Which Lives Matter

Liberal Dems Imagine

In 2010 widespread disgust led Liberals to 22% and now down to a rump bumping along above the Greens. The craven Ed Miliband effectively failed to back AV albeit by last election it would have made little difference – Con Kip coalition yowser.

Imagine Liberals had stayed out of Govt now had even 15% of the vote and were peddling a Land Value Tax, Electoral Reform and Clegg had been run over by a bus. Instead the oxygen of opposition will be sucked even harder by a Labour party led by someone who gives lots of media whether he wants to or not. The worst part of Corbyn released from his Islington sinecure is that he’s going to peddle Overton Window policies that don’t work but as the reaction of the neo liberal wing of Labour shows who cannot support their leader, never mind media and public, it won’t matter.

The real issue for Labour is they are despised and not just by the Left rent a mobs. Also by the northern working class forced to tick a box that says Labour “Not Quite Tory” and not surprisingly they turn to xenophobic UKIP who at least do not blame them for their circumstances.

Sadly Lab Con are back over 70% and there is no oxygen for anyone else.

Liberal Dems Imagine

Scared Conservatives

Recent elections be they Turkey or Scotland’s freedom or UK or Greece OXI have split countries Old v Young. Quiet v Noisy. Scared v Brave. The frightened who watch TV and read national media and believe it have spoken.

The great thing with not standing for election is I can say that. I just leave these conservative old folks a question as usual you may leave an inheritance to your kids but you’ll leave them a shit world to live in, why?

In pandering to these urges to protect their pathetic wealth and fear of change these rabbits accept ridiculous wars where we seem to have no end game middle game and start game or any gameplan. They really believe stuff with no evidence that the rise of IS in Syria Iraq means we will have terrorism.

The point for opposition politicians is you have to speak to these people without judgment. Not get carried away with your own gallery playing.

Scared Conservatives

Labour’s Tedious Void Edges Out Opposition

The full extent of the usefulness of Labour as a 2 XI for the establishment has been illustrated again. Much like the 80s where even with the SDP leaving Labour manage to crowd out the media for anyone else bar Govt whilst a silent 40% voted Conservative. Labour again thrash around caught in their own moral conceit. Something made worse by a supposed leftist leader even as his policies end up in the Overton Window – this also creates a problem as no one believes Corbyn/McDonnell really believes a word of it.

Thus the BBC can continue to fill studios with Labour and Tory and pretend there is a real debate. The Greens or Liberals or anyone with a more complex message than the specious simplicity of UKIP or Labour crowded out. Their conferences may as well not have happened as the tedious and grueling public backing down of Corbyn and McDonnell occured. You now have a Labour opposition composed of 80% MPs who happily supported what they now oppose. It’s a mess.

Their moralising idiocy about the poor over tax credits reminiscent of the 80s it merely reinforces their parasitic nature grabbing at middle class guilt for those who look about them without providing an ounce of leadership. The Conservatives were always winning in 2020 short of an economic Minsky event which could happen now they should survive a downturn quite easily.

Worst part is Labour still has no idea why it is hated and why its moralising is seen as ridiculous by most of us. It’s led by leaders fresh from mining a 30 year sinecure whilst thumbing their noses at their fellow party members now asked to work with them and make messy compromises.

Only an optimist would say Labour has substantially changed.

Labour’s Tedious Void Edges Out Opposition