Moralising Helps No One Nor Does Opportunism

If you were around in the 80s you will realise that whilst it may exclude people from stating their views cracking on the poor and public sector workers even on the basis of crazy economics will not cost the Govt votes. Saying The Tories This and That is not going to get you anywhere bar a tower of self righteous conceit at the awfulness of your fellow man.

In the end however empathic pushing hapless victims of tax credits will just reinforce the Govt themes regardless of whether these cuts are necessary or provable as un-necessary – seriously who is spreading that message the execrable BBC? Maybe in a program watched by people who already know this!

Equally the Govt needs credible opposition to change itself if nothing else but we must be skeptical about this. What can Corbyn Labour do that Miliband Labour did not? He’s already surrendered on Austerity. Will he target Corporate subsidy AKA welfare even if it means accepting the closure of say Steel MIlls?

In many ways the soft left [hard ‘soft left’ for Overton viewers] views of Corbyn and his ilk have never tried to be elected before as they both recognise the primacy and hate Capitalism. I can forgive the initial confusions of taking over a party where 80% of MPs are sheep who could support, however de facto, the budget and would be in a worse position to complain. However, stepping from his Islington sinecure is poor preparation for leadership long term. The desire to be self righteous may be too strong.

Moralising Helps No One Nor Does Opportunism

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