Left Need To Accept Human Duality

Put on the spot or caught in public most people will be generous and pleasant. This is not true in private. People also will watch X Factor and Bake Off and any amount of shit judged shite to see others taken down. What is the thrill of The Apprentice as Sugar spends weeks with talentless gobshites gradually whittling them down for things he spotted weeks ago? It certainly is not watching hapless venal cunts perform stupid tasks beneath the dignity of a pant sniffer.

Equally people who claim to be nice people who want to do nice things for people can become in total a rabble of bigotry and prejudice. One that had Labour MPs after years of Lib Dem bashing conceit talking of immigrants as vermin and voting for austerity package even some senior Tories are suddenly balking at. However nice most Politicians think they are they have spent most of the last 18 years unleashing political violence often bureaucratic in nature. Take NHS ‘reforms’ killing 1000s silently to transfer funds to friends or wars to transfer funds to arms manufacturers.

High minded nonsense about fairness etc will get short shrift in the voting room too. Even surely knowing their tax credits were toast millions did not vote against the Conservatives. Equally by the next election the min wage rise will make that most tedious and hormonally challenged of creatures the single young man living with his middle class parents richer try appealing to those drooling misogynists.

Labour and Liberals should be prepared to put on the agenda inter generational robbery from our children, no false bonhomie. A generation who decry death taxes and Inheritance tax (even though most do not qualify for it apparently it matters to them) and do not pay taxes whilst alive. They decry immigrants too, you know the people who end up looking after them!

The totality of the Boomers legacy is here ‘my’ children have some money and remember us in the sick world we poisoned to leave you this wealth.

Left Need To Accept Human Duality

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