Osborne Caring? Just Say It So

It’s clear the Prime Minister’s speech was delivered by a benign actor capable of emotion. The real leader Osborne’s strength is his ability to sit back and set an agenda and let simpletons explain it. His gift for politics is what you say and the image created is reality.

Thus rather than cripple a struggling economy with Austerity give the impression of deep austerity and make high profile cuts in welfare whilst writing cheques for whoever: Oil: NFL: George Lucas: Upper Middle Class home buyers: Pensioners: Landlords: Farmers: Banks and all the ‘deserving’ who vote. All whilst those taken from, hard working families, get the rhetorical praise. Thus voters think they are supporting something they are not – it does not matter what those affected think. Can you guess the deficit he claimed to have been trying to close by the time of the 2015 election? My best guess 80 Billion. Will it matter at the next election if we are nowhere near the promised surplus? No. Can you seriously tell me the difference between £50Bn and 0 or even £100Bn?

The key is to fool enough people that aspiration matters to a Govt composed mostly of entitled. As Cameron himself said this country has lousy social mobility. And it will have in 5 years time.

Osborne Caring? Just Say It So

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