Theresa May Stupid Cynical Appeals To Pensioners

Theresa May had the shadow of a point when saying foreign workers could cut wages. Evidence that does exist is for people in the bottom decile and is marginal. However with the rise in minimum wage and the end of tax credits you’re about to either get a bigger wage rise or a bigger income fall.

So why does May lie? Is it to become leader knowing that the pensioners who support her are dominant members of the Tory party? Is it because she is a functioning moron? Is it cos she is a weak gallery player as she showed when releasing Gary McKinnon cos the Mail took pity on his mum? Is it just to cheer and be cheered by the morons in the hall? To troll the decent?

Her last big lie was about the Human Rights Act something post election her party seems to have forgotten as the full ludicrousness of position is revealed. It does seem it will be ramped up as an issue for tabloid readers 2019…

We cannot be sure of Mrs May’s motivations or intelligence but we can say that one hopes all she leads is the sack race. Regardless of viewpoint a lying or really dumb politician should not hold major office.

Theresa May Stupid Cynical Appeals To Pensioners

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