George Osborne Supreme Politician

I hear people say Osborne believes in a smaller state or class war or is ideological yet mostly I see a supreme politician. Sure you can call it class war if you choose to see it that way. However it is populist class war if it is so as Labour’s backing earlier this year showed. Indeed I wonder how many people did not vote Tory out of an old enmity when they really supported them?

He talks austerity and balancing the budget and rebalancing the economy with little intention of doing so. He cuts welfare payments to people as promised in the manifesto, not his fault he had a majority and Labour backing. Nonetheless there is always a Billion or Three for the starving orphans of the ageing corporate world be they BAE with it’s weapons that don’t work, BP, RBS, Ineos, HS2 financiers, US Filmmakers, Pensioners, Farmers, Asset owners, Banks et al

He talks about what people perceive – that a lot is spent on the jobless and the need to balance a budget. In reality he will balance the budget through tax revenue, not cuts if the economy grows enough. Whether this is in the long run interests of the country is moot.

As long as you have someone to blame and people accept that it’s OK, for him and his party at least. Whilst I cannot applaud cynicism maybe others could learn pragmatism and talking to people not your own gallery?

He even knows not to do media and leave it to bumbling front man Call me Dave. McDonnell take note.

George Osborne Supreme Politician

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