Labour But No But What Else

Labour have thrown a curve at us. Sure they are the same party with the same group of inhuman MPs who variously backed, caused, supported or allowed: Internment: Rendition for Gaddafi and US: War: Torture: Locking up Refugee kids: PFI fraud, 100s Bns: Light City Regulation: Bailouts without real conditions: QE: Mass Surveillance etc etc. However I find supporting them back on the agenda. It’s certainly hard to paint Corbyn as a neo Liberal warmonger and it would be foolish to view most of his MPs as actually caring about more than his poll rating. Nonetheless and I make no bones about this Corbyn, Skinner, McDonnell, Abbot, Uncle Tom Cobley sat in their safe sinecures and made no stand bar Commons votes they were bound to lose. They stayed for the safe salary and easy fandom of left galleries.

Maybe Osborne has raised the stakes on standing aside from the mainstream – Cameron is very much the PR Spiv spokesperson the Telegraph labelled him and irrelevant. Tim Farron’s Lib Dems having been completely impaled at the election seems to be in cloud cuckoo land. Talking about grabbing the centre position Labour has supposedly opened up. This is Cleggism, indeed they are prepared to take on board MPs from Labour who represent the appalling stuff in the opening paragraph and were part of the most illiberal authoritarian warmongering Govt since before I was born. I can’t vote for that.

The Greens are a fringe and even if I was in Scotland I would not stomach the neo Liberal SNP with their fake socialist rhetoric. I can’t vote Plaid as I don’t live there and am not in Ulster either.

Can I vote for a Labour who backed needless pointless poor bashing austerity 3 months ago?  We shall see but it’s on the agenda if nothing more.

Labour But No But What Else

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