Cameron Attacks: Why Now?

It was clear to everyone who cared to Google it before this week’s nonsense that Cameron was a young tyro snorting coke and doing all the shit we expect of entitled creeps. Indeed George Osborne’s hanging out with cocaine and prostitutes is also pretty well known. The question therefore is why the attacks on Cameron now?

Is it because he won’t leave the EU and allow the wealthy to re-create the UK as a tax less health and safety less haven for criminal enterprises? Is it to make the authoritarian and weak Theresa May leader so we may have a police state where even after death VIP paedophiles reputation is at no risk? Is it just offended Billionaires? These are more important questions than where David Cameron placed his dick.

Again many on the Left are cheerleaders for reasons that amount to easy points in a game where points don’t count.

Cameron Attacks: Why Now?

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