BBC – Pravda News

The fact the BBC cannot even cover further confirmation of what young ‘Call me Dave’ did as a kid shows why it should desist from being a purveyor of news – it is compromised by being a branch of Govt. Worse this purveyor of corporatist and state privilege is supported by a regressive tax on the poor and defended by the left!

The election of ‘left winger’ Jeremy Corbyn has fractured their efforts at impartiality. Anyone who does not have an establishment position gets slaughtered or attacked with irrelevant personal questions as anyone who witnessed MI5’s inhouse magazine Newsnight’s coverage of Snowden’s revelations and the phish questions to retired out of the loop spooks and ludicrous irrelevant legal questions to Greenwald. Indeed even a non political outsider is subject to BBC brutality – a dazed and confused desperate Paxman unable to dent Lord Black insulted his wife! Or throwing opinion polls in the way of people with minority opinions like the Bar room Boor winning an argument without facts.

Left support for the BBC can best be described as supporting what the right don’t like – ironically if the Mail defended BBC left would want rid! Much like supporting the EU the left are shown as floating reactionaries who don’t think as much as they think they do.

No one does self immolation like the left.

BBC – Pravda News

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